A Deep Pore Cleansing Facial in Sydney Designed For Congested Skin

At Sophie’s Beauty Room, our Deep Cleanse Facial is an excellent treatment to target congested skin. It’s a suitable treatment for both men & women that deeply cleans pores and breaks down congestion in the skin. It’s an excellent treatment to add to your skincare regime and have them done routinely. With a professional removal technique, we target skin concerns such as blackheads, acne and we use only quality skincare products and methods to deliver optimal results for every individual.

Deep Cleanse | 60 Minutes

Our Deep Pore Cleansing Facials are excellent for combination or problematic skins. We start with a deep cleanse facewash, cleanse twice, exfoliate the skin to break down any clogging and congestion in your pores, and manually extract any impurities. We then apply a mask to refine skin tone and pores and ultimately revitalise the skin while in complete relaxation.

When you need a deep cleanse facial in Sydney speak with us at Sophie’s Beauty Room located in Bossley Park.