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Eyebrow Waxing, Shaping & Tinting

An eyebrow wax, shape & tint for many people comes down to finding a trusted eyebrow specialist that they believe in. With the help of Sophie and her staff you can finally get the eyebrow shape you were hoping for!

By using a smart free-hand technique, Sophie’s Beauty Room will create a low maintenance brow shape that you have always wanted. Sophie’s Beauty Room finds a style that complements your look and your style. We also offer a custom tint to keep your eyebrows looking fresh & full.


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Don’t worry, Sophie’s Beauty Room avoids using cookie-cutter aids like stencils or calipers for her clients. We find a look that suits you, and you alone. This allows us to enhance your eyebrows and make sure they look unique and fitting to your face more than ever.

The Sophie’s Beauty Room philosophy in eyebrow shaping is simple – whether it’s a touch-up or a full eyebrow re-shape, we find your perfect look. The fuller the better, to make sure your eyebrows look natural and pop.

Sophie’s Beauty Room can also lift & tint your eyelashes to ensure that your brows and lashes come together and look the best they can. This combination offers a great way to ensure your eyes maintain that ideal look.

Eyebrow Reshape Consultation.

Eyebrow shaping is managed on your first visit, we’ll take a detailed look and analysis of your eyebrows, and how we can improve them. Sophie’s Beauty Room will show you the way your eyebrows should look, and how we intend to get your brows to that optimal point.

Otherwise, we’ll find an easy solution that you can use at home to start slowly but surely filling out your eyebrows. Sophie’s Beauty Room will help by tinting the brows to improve their look, and will offer suggestion on the best tools to use for the finest brow shape and style.

If you intend on growing your eyebrows out, then we’ll arrange sessions to create the right path towards your brow goal.

For more information, book in our signature eyebrow reshape consultation.

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