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About Sophie’s Beauty Room – Beauty Salon

Sophie’s Beauty Room began as a home-based business with a handful of customers. Since its beginning, Sophie has serviced over 700 customers – many of which are continuing loyal and frequent clients. In the last two years the business growth has accelerated immensely, and her services are in such demand that she is now booked out several weeks in advance. With this growth, Sophie has launched her first store front located in Bossley Park where she is now are able to offer a broader variety of treatments and products to her clients.

Beauty Salon

Sophie’s Beauty Room beauty salon now operates out of Bossley Park, Western Sydney (Near Wetherill Park, Abbotsbury, Prairiewood). This means that if you are in the area, you should get in touch – Sophie and her crew of trained beauty therapists can provide you with a comprehensive list of beauty treatments to help you look your best.

About Sophie Conditsis

Lets take you on a journey to the beginning with Sophie and how Sophie’s Beauty Room came to be. Sophie was born and raised in Sydney’s West and always had a passionate outlook when it came to beauty. Sophie’s mother, Rita, owned her very own beauty clinic where Sophie started her career as a beauty therapist. She learnt the ins and outs of the business from a very young age and took on minor jobs around the shop to get involved with the business. At the age of 15 she could see her own potential and decided that this is what she was best at and what she was called to do, so Rita took her in as an apprentice to help guide her into the industry.

After years of training and creating a great customer rapport, Sophie branched out and started her own small business working out of the garage from her home in Cecil Hills. She had a regular local clientele and was making a name for herself.

After recognising the quality and precision of her brow work, she decided to attend an eyebrow master class and became an expert in her craft. Word traveled fast of her style and technique and from the small corner in her garage she then upgraded to an elegant beauty room inside the house, thus Sophie’s Beauty Room began.

In 2018 SBR was booming and an opportunity presented itself to open a salon, Sophie decided to take a leap of faith and expand the business to a new studio up the road in Bossley Park. By expanding the space, SBR was able to expand its services and now offers a wide range of skin treatments and products. With every visit you can be assured of top quality service and comfort. There is no rushed job, Sophie takes her time and puts all her energy and focus into her work. Sophie’s Beauty Room specialises in waxing, lash-lifts, skin rejuvenation, facials and massages. We are dedicated to ensuring you the best beauty experiences with every visit!

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