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Welcome to Sophie’s Beauty Room, we have been an established & popular beauty salon since 2011 with an excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction. Our experienced beauticians will deliver a high standard of service, ensuring that you feel relaxed and comfortable so that you can walk away feeling on top of the world.

Speak with one of our beauty therapists now, if you have any questions.

By Appointment Only

To check our availability or schedule an appointment click ‘BOOK ONLINE’ or call our salon. 9823 2308

We accept some walk-ins but they are subject to availability.

Brows & Lashes

Sophie uses a smart free-hand technique, to create a low maintenance brow shape that you have always wanted. To ensure that your brows always look the best Sophie can also lift & tint your eyelashes.

Skin Treatments

One element that everyone needs, is healthy skin. Sophie is a beauty specialist and understands how to treat skin correctly, making sure your skin has the care it needs to flourish.

IPL Treatments

IPL is a non-invasive treatment technique for hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatments, including skin clearing, redness reduction and skin tone correction.

Body Treatments

Enjoy our collection of relaxing body treatments; body exfoliation, body massage & hot stone massage to suit all needs for both men and women.

Our Team

Joanna ( Beauty Therapist )

Sophie ( Beauty Therapist )

Mariana ( Beauty Therapist )

Melanie( Beauty Therapist )

What Our Clients Have To Say


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While your BROWsing
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Beauty Therapist

Joanna, who holds a Diploma of Beauty Therapy, has been a beauty therapist for more than four years. She brings the ever-important values of self care and relaxation to Sophie’s Beauty Room, offering clients the chance to look good and, even more importantly, feel good. Joanna’s speciality treatments are facials and massages, wherein she offers the ultimate in relaxation and invigoration for the body and skin. Joanna’s expertise in massage leaves clients in a trancelike state of bliss, as she uses touch and massage techniques to stimulate the release of endorphins — the body’s natural pain killers. Joanna is a lover of massage through and through; her favourite beauty treatment to receive is a Thai massage. Joanna’s passion for the art of calming, meditative facials and massage makes her an absolute fan favourite at Sophie’s Beauty Room — she’ll leave you eager to come back.


Beauty Therapist

Sophie is the namesake, founder, and brow queen behind Sophie’s Beauty Room. Before achieving a Diploma in Beauty Therapy and completion of Kelly Baker Brows Master Class, Sophie began her beauty career under her mother, Rita, who owned a beauty clinic. This sparked a strong passion for the industry in Sophie, so she dove head first into years of training and education. Once Sophie began offering her beauty services to clients, word spread quickly of her incredible style and technique — and Sophie found she had rapidly outgrown her home studio. Thus, Sophie’s Beauty Room was born. Today, Sophie has more than 13 years of experience in brows and beauty. She remains ever passionate about her craft — loving the opportunity to make her clients feel refreshed and beautiful, while learning and adapting to exciting new technologies in the beauty industry. Sophie loves to cook in her leisure time, while hanging out with her soulmate, Mike, whom she met in Greece, and her lovable pup, Snickers (with whom she shares a birthday). Sophie’s passion for beauty and body-soul transformations makes her the perfect namesake and leader of the iconic Sophie’s Beauty Room.


Beauty Therapist

Mariana is a beauty therapist and lash technician at Sophie’s Beauty Room with more than eight years experience in the industry. With a Certificate III in Beauty Therapy, plus a Diploma in Beauty Therapy, you can trust that Mariana’s knowledge is backed by her incredible results. Mariana is passionate about delivering increasing confidence to her clients; she wants each person who sees her to feel good about themselves, whether by enhancing their lashes through a lash lift, treating a skin concern with a facial, or providing a massage to wipe away stress. Also a certified makeup artist, Mariana is a lifelong learner; she believes you can never know enough about the world of beauty, so she strives to continuously expand her knowledge. When Mariana isn’t at work, you’ll find her spending quality time with her beloved partner and gorgeous two year old boy. Ever the social butterfly, Mariana loves that her line of work allows her to meet someone new each day. You can trust that Mariana will provide the warmest of welcomes — and the most top-tier of beauty services — when you come see her at Sophie’s Beauty Room.


Beauty Therapist

Melanie has spent 15 years as a beauty therapist, and brings a wealth of knowledge and positivity to Sophie’s Beauty Room. Her Diploma in Beauty Therapy has led her to offer transformative Eyebrow treatments to her clients, who are people that she truly enjoys spending time with. While Melanie is mainly fuelled by a coffee obsession, she is motivated by her love of impacting her clients’ days in a positive way — whether it be through ultimate relaxation from a facial or massage, or by the total transformation of brows. When Melanie isn’t at Sophie’s Beauty Room, you’ll find her in her (extremely tidy) home, coffee in hand, jazz music playing all day — or treating herself to a pedicure, her favourite beauty treatment. A self-proclaimed neat freak, and creator of positivity and beauty for her clients, Melanie is a true gem, and a master at what she does.